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Improve engagement with simple analytics, I mean dynamic content..

When we use words like analytics or algorithms, marketers eyes glass over. However, when we use words like dynamic content and positioning, they get very excited.

In reality, we may be talking about the same thing and it isn't brain surgery.

So, from a marketing / technology / analytics point of view, here are a couple of simple steps to improving engagement:

1. Build media outlets / channels (think website, mobile app, LCD touchscreen in your lobby) so that you can know who is interacting and possibly why (what do they want to know?).

2. Arrange content into categories such that they align with the who and why from step 1. This will make life much less complicated. Also note, content may be duplicated between categories.


Channel / Who / Why

  • Primary Website
    • Gold user in US
      • Price shopping
        • Main image1
        • X-sell1
        • X-sell2
      • Store locatorMain image2
        • X-sell1
        • X-sell3

3. Come up with a measurement strategy. An easy way to keep measurement simple is choose an engagement metric. This will be one number or metric that will tell you if users are interested in your content (maybe clicks, data entry, or downloads)

NOTE: Even on the best channels, not all content spots are going to engage users. Make sure that you are maximizing engagement when and where the users desires.

Most of all KEEP IT SIMPLE. This is the 'walk before you run' approach to dynamic content and analytics. The next level includes more words like algorithms.

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